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The most fun that spelling can be!

Spelling is fun with SpellerBee®. Spell the words and get
your rewards.

SpellerBee® is designed to involve your child’s imagination,
Intellect and motor skills. By stimulating these three essential
Ingredients of learning, SpellerBee® will increase
your child’s vocabulary and spelling skills.

• Animated
• Spelling words for a full school year
• Great for home-schooled and traditional students
• Word lists go from easy to challenging
• Track and record the progress on each word list
• 300 to 500 words

SpellerBee® is a great way for your home schooled student
to learn to spell using the latest technology.

Available for preschool through sixth grade at Google Play, The Nook Store, Amazon and soon to be found at the Samsung and Apple stores.


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